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Skin Physics Secrets

  Have you ever looked at someone and thought, "I wish I had skin like her" then quickly brushed it off telling yourself that she "probably has great genes" and you'll never achieve that level of sheer radiance in your lifetime? Well... here's the good news, you CAN achieve a flawless complexion, and all it takes is a little dis...

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INTRODUCING OUR NEW 15MIN MIRACLE EYE LIFT Instantly give your eyes a revived and lifted look with our new revolutionary treatment to dramatically transform the appearance of eyes in as little as 15 minutes a week. YOUR EYES SAY SO MUCH ABOUT YOU Your eyes are the window to your soul, are yours saying you’re tired, and run down? ...

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Say goodbye to tired eyes (for good!)

Eyes are a real age giveaway. The areas surrounding your eyes are the most fragile parts of your skin. They’re prone to dryness, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Each restless night, each small movement enhances these issues, making eye cream a vital part of your daily skincare regime. Keep people guessing with these fails...

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Thanks for your support

To our beloved customers, Today we would like to take the opportunity to not only share our latest news but also to take the time to thank the people who mean the most to us, you. As a small Australian business we are only able to achieve and create what we do because of your continued support. It is you that are the forefront of our busin...

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Foods That Keep You Young

We all know that our bodies need nutrients in order to thrive. Well, today we discuss how these nutrients can help slow down the ageing process and what foods you can find them in. Antioxidants: These bad boys fight free radicals which cause wrinkles. Learn to love them. They can be found in many different foods, but especially in raspberries,...

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Why You Should Reach For a Serum

Serums have become a staple in our skincare routine. If you use one, perfect. If not, then I suggest that you continue reading. First of all, and most importantly, they contain a higher concentration of active ingredients that penetrate the skin at a deeper level than your average moisturiser due to the fact that the molecules are smaller. So, all ...

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The SPF Lowdown

All Australians know that we should be using SPF (Sun Protection Factor) any time we want to be out in the sun, right? Which, for many Australians, is pretty much all the time. It should be an important part of our daily routine so that we are protected from UV rays, which can have disastrous effects on our skin. Fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and...

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Let’s talk about Exfoliation

Exfoliation. Whichever way you choose to do it; we can all agree that its necessary. A build-up of dead skin cells can not only make your skin look dull and dry, but it can also clog pores which leads to acne. While you can't ever eradicate those nasty enlarge pores that we all hate as we age, gentle exfoliation goes a LONG way to reducing their im...

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Why you need Oxygen-C in your skincare regime…

There’s a reason no other product on the market can match the results of our New OXYGEN-C formula… It's because no other anti-ageing product has been designed to truly combat the main cause of ageing, STRESS.   Wild Indigo extract the key active in our OXYGEN-C Range won the coveted Gold for the In-Cosmetics Innovation Zone Best Ingred...

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Breakthrough ‘happy cream’

 Reduces Creases & Fine Lines by up to 138% in as Little as 14 Days In a recent survey we sent to our customers, out of the 1,354 responses we received over 96% of you said you experience stress weekly and an astounding 29% experience it daily. Even the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Health agree on the health risks brought on by the sheer amo...

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Cortisol, Accelerated Ageing

We recently sent you a survey and a whopping 86% (1,162) of you reported that you feel stress is having a direct impact on your physical appearance AND that 96% (1,306) are suffering from stress on a regular basis   So why is this the case? How exactly is stress ageing us? The short answer: Cortisol.   Exposure to stress suc...

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Be SUN SMART, Protect Against Premature Ageing

If you haven’t been taking good care of your skin in the heat this summer, then trust us, now is the time to start. Unprotected Sun exposure can have a significant impact on your skin’s health leading to sun spots, heat rash & irritation, dryness, pigmentation and signs of premature ageing such as fine lines & wrinkles – none of wh...

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Is Stress Ageing You?

Stress… a word we are all too familiar with. It’s no secret that the constant stress present in our daily lives can lead to a multitude of health problems including heightened risks of obesity, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems and an overall hormonal imbalance in our bodies… but did you know that this imbalance of hormones in...

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The Critical ‘Beauty Vitamin’ Nobody’s Telling You About

4 Weeks = 45% Reduction in Wrinkles   You can do everything you read in the beauty magazines – and still fail to turn back the clock - if you’re deficient in this little known vitamin. And here’s the bottom line: If your skin is dry, rough, flaking or lacks elasticity and firmness (all things which lead to wrinkly skin) then your body...

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Take care of your skin in the heat this summer

Come summer and your skin takes a toll because of the harsh heat. Times like these, it calls for special attention to avoid looking dry and dull. Besides following a strict beauty regime – cleansing, moisturising, sunscreens and treatments – it is also important to maintain a healthy diet. We've compiled a few tips below that will have your...

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Is Lack of Sleep Ageing You?

Beauty Sleep is Real! The old adage getting your “beauty sleep” might ring more true then you know. Did you know lack of sleep can take its toll on your skin? Here’s a few reason’s to get a bit more shut eye! Dull Skin When you miss sleep your cortisol levels increase.  Cortisol triggers inflammation.  Inflammation breaks down the ...

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6 of the best beauty tips we’ve learnt from our mums. What’s the best piece of advice your mum ever gave you? The memories we share with our mothers are special, and the lessons they teach us are life-long in value, especially when it comes to looking and feeling our best. To celebrate the infinite wisdom of mums everywhere, we asked around...

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skincare gets supersonic

 DERMASONIC+ All your questions answered on our latest beauty wonder tool These days, skin care innovation goes way beyond a bottle or a jar. And sonic technology is definitely leading the way. That’s why we’ve spent months perfecting the ultimate skincare device, Dermasonic +. We’ve had a phenomenal amount of interest in our newest at-hom...

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How your diet affects your skin

    There’s a lot of truth in the old saying, 'you are what you eat'. The right foods matter as much to your skin as they do to your waistline. From wrinkle-fighting antioxidants in veggies to hydrating healthy fats in fish, make sure you’re giving your complexion the vital nutrients it needs to stay soft and supple. GOOD FA...

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Just Breathe

You’re a grown woman so you likely already know a lot about skin care. You’re aware you need to follow a reasonably dedicated skincare regime if you want your complexion to really look its best. And you know that means thorough cleansing both morning and night, a serum targeted to treat your skin concerns, eye cream, a moisturiser with a ...

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