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Can I buy Skin Physics Range in Stores?

Some of our range is available at Priceline stores across Australia. The quickest and easiest way for you to place an order is either online via our website or by calling our 1300 291 549 order line. (0800 478 236 NZ)

I saw you on the TV. How can I register for one of your free trial TV offers?

If you’d like to take up one of our free trial deals, go to trydragonsblood.com or superliftcream.com or oxygenc.com – register your details in seconds and someone will call you straight back.  Alternatively, just call us on 1300 291 549 order line. (0800 478 236 NZ).

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Read our delivery info here.

Do you ship to New Zealand?

Absolutely. Read our delivery info here.

All prices on our Skin Physics website are displayed Australian dollars and can be changed in to NZ dollars via a drop down displayed under our phone number on the top right. For international customers, the prices quoted do not include you current exchange rate.

My order hasn’t arrived yet and it’s been longer than 5 days?

We can track your order in seconds and make sure it gets to you safely. Just call our Beauty Team on 1300 757 858 or 0800 478 236 NZ 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.

I tried out your product and didn’t feel it worked for me.

We’re sorry you’re not seeing the great results that our other customers have seen. Email [email protected] and we can recommend you a different product to try that may be better suited to your skin type and send you out a free sample.

How do I get a refund?

Please contact our Beauty Team on 1300 757 858 or 0800 478 236 NZ 9am-5pm Mon-Fri to obtain a returns authorisation number. Learn more about returns here. If you’ve ordered a free trial, please see your invoice for returns info.

How long will it take to get my money back?

2-3 working days is the usual time it takes for us to process your refund. If you’re having any issues, give us a call on 1300 757 858 or 0800 478 236 NZ 9am-5pm Mon-Fri and we will investigate immediately and make sure you receive your funds.

Make me famous! I want to be a testimonial in your next TV advert.

We often run product trials and recruit our testimonials from real life customers who have seen great results from our range. If you’re interested in starring in our TV campaigns, email [email protected]

Are you tested on animals?

Our products are 100% not tested on animals. We comply with the relevant Industrial Chemical laws in sale/use of cosmetic ingredients across Australia and New Zealand and we have all the relevant safety ingredient information / MSDS certificates. We’re manufactured according to GMP standards. Our products are formulated and manufactured in Australia, but we source our active ingredients from Europe because there is a ban on animal testing there.

Are any bees harmed in the making of Bee Venom Anti-Ageing Moisturiser?

NO BEES ARE EVER HARMED. Experts collect the venom by running a very gentle electrical current near the hive, which surprises the bees, encouraging them to sting.

Are your natural ingredients sustainably derived?

Yes we use sustainable natural ingredients. For example, our dragon’s blood (croton lecheri sap) is ethically sourced and no harm comes to the trees. No parabens or sulphates are used in our formulations either.

Do you cut down amazon trees to make dragon’s blood?

No harm comes to the trees – we obtain our dragon’s blood by cutting the bark in a diagonal manner and bleeding the latex. This method is employed by native locals, which helps preserve the trees, allowing it to be a renewable and sustainable resource. It also supports local communities and fair trade.


Were any dragons harmed in the making of Dragon’s Blood?

No dragon’s or animals are harmed in the making of our Dragon’s Blood Facial Sculpting Gel. The hero ingredient is the rich red sap of the Croton Lecheri Tree in the Amazon rainforest. It’s called Dragon’s Blood because when the bark is cut the sap oozes red. It has been used for centuries by native tribes and has all kinds of incredible rejuvenating abilities. You can learn more here.

Will Dragon’s Blood work on my skin if its acne prone?

If you have adult acne – or skin that’s both dry and oily in patches, then Dragon’s Blood is definitely worth a try. It will not aggravate breakouts in any way. Dragon’s Blood (croton lecheri) itself is renowned for its healing and soothing properties. The formula is very gentle especially on sensitive skin. Remember you’ll notice a difference in firmness immediately – make sure you use morning and night for fasted results.

What products work best with Dragon’s Blood?

Our sculpting gel needs to be applied to skin free of impurities such as excess oils, dead skin cells, make-up and pollution. A facial cleansing brush will give you the deepest clean for maximum results. Any product infused with retinol or hyaluronic acid will compliment the hydrating and rejuvenating effect of this gel.

How do I fit Dragon’s Blood into my regular routine?

For maximum lifting and firming results, apply a very generous layer to clean skin before layering your daily moisturiser, sunscreen and make-up. Massage into face, neck, hands and décolletage. At night, use over your regular night cream, or directly onto clean, dry skin. Our formula is non-greasy, super absorbent and soaks in instantly, so make sure you use liberally for best results.

Why is Dragon’s Blood so great for your skin?

The rich red sap from the Croton Lechleri tree (i.e. Dragon’s Blood), has historically been used for Centuries for medicinal and healing purposes. It’s ideal for sensitive or stressed skin to plump- out lines and counter-act visible sagging, while protecting from  the elements while also hydrating the deepest layers of the skin.


What’s best for my skin? SUPERLIFT® or Dragon’s Blood?

If you’re worried about sagging skin, then either range is a really fantastic choice. It all depends on your skin type and lifestyle – but we would usually recommend the SUPERLIFT range for very fragile, maturing skin and crepiness. It addresses the signs of ageing, but also works especially on sagging neck skin and reducing the look of double chin fat. So if you’re worried about drooping skin on the neck or creping skin and want to see a more toned and strengthened look, SUPERLIFT could be the right fit for you. You’ll see a difference within 3 weeks.

Dragon’s Blood has the same lifting and anti-sag benefits, but you’ll notice more of an immediate rejuvenation effect. This range definitely focuses more on wrinkle reduction and facial contouring. So if you’re worried about skin firmness but maybe not quite as worried about the skin from the chin down, or crepey looking skin, then Dragon’s Blood is probably a better choice for you.




Serums are a lot more concentrated and packed with active ingredients designed to penetrate your skin to work effectively and fast. OXYGEN-C is designed to layer under either your Dragon’s Blood or SUPERLIFT  products. OXYGEN-C will prevent your skin from loosing additional collagen through skin stressors such as pollution and UV rays. Both SUPERLIFT and Dragon’s Blood are packed with powerful actives to increase collagen which makes them ideal to work hand in hand.

Serums aren’t a replacement for your everyday moisturiser, moisturisers are richer & designed create a barrier on top of your skin to moisturise the outer layer and keep all of the good stuff in! So always make sure you layer your daily moisturisers and nights cream on top of your serum.

Want to know more about how the range works? Click here.



Why do you do free trials?

The reason we do free trials is simple. We want you to see results before you have to pay. We are so confident in the performance of our skincare, we know that with just 30 days use, you won’t believe the transformation in your skin.  That’s why we let you use them completely risk-free. See results or don’t pay – it’s really that straight forward. We add incredible free gift incentives to help encourage you to give us a go. We believe that they our trials are fantastic value and the perfect way to discover your next new favourite skincare product.

How can you afford to give so much away for free?

That’s an easy one – the success rate is phenomenal and most of our customers become loyal repeat purchasers. Everyone wins.

How exactly does my free trial work?

Your pack will include letters explaining how everything works – what you keep and what you send back. Full terms and conditions are also here for Dragon’s Blood and here for SUPERLIFT® and here for OXYGEN-C. If you’d like to return your ongoing supply – remember all the returns info is on the back of your invoice. If you ever have any questions you can give customer service a call on 1300 757 858 or 0800 478 236 NZ.

I’ve paid upfront for my 3 month or 2 month supply. What are the benefits?

We offer enormous discounts to customers who decide to pay for their ongoing supply before we post out your pack. You can save up to $100 on some deals so it’s really worth while. And you still get all your bonus gifts. We also offer a 60 day money back guarantee – that’s twice as long to see results and you can still receive a no quibble refund at any point in that 60 day period just by giving us a call.

I registered for a free trial call back but no one has called me back yet?

The demand for our free trial deals is phenomenal – not surprising because they are such good value and completely risk free. We do our best to get back to everyone ASAP but stock does run low from time to time. To ensure you don’t miss out – jump the queue and call us directly on 1300 757 858 or 0800 478 236 NZ.

How can you say it’s a free trial when you have to pay p&h?

For some of our deals we do charge for p&h – but for a few dollars you get to claim at least $200 worth of skincare for nothing, no risk. We think it’s unbeatable value and a fantastic way to see results before you pay.  We’re one of the only skincare brands in Australia that lets you do this – because we know once you try it, you’ll be hooked.

Why do you offer replenishments? And what is Beauty Club?

If you become a beauty club member, it means you get 30% off everything in our online store forever, free delivery forever and loads of extras like surprise mystery gifts. It’s incredible value because it means you never have to pay full price for your products again. The savings are unbeatable.

ONLY if you’re happy with your results and you decide to stay in Beauty Club, we can offer you the option of a hassle free auto-shipment service every 60 or 90 days, so you never run out – but it’s ONLY if you choose it. There’s absolutely no obligation whatsoever – you can cancel anytime, customise your delivery frequency – or switch to any other product in the range if you feel like trying something different.

Learn more about Beauty Club and your replenishments here.

I don’t want replenishments and I want to cancel.

Our heavily discounted replenishments are 100% optional and there’s absolutely no obligation whatsoever – you can cancel anytime, customise your deliveries or switch to any other product in our range. Its too easy to opt out – just give us a very quick call on 1300 757 858 or 0800 478 236 NZ 9am-5pm Mon-Fri and we’ll cancel your deliveries in seconds.



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The payment arrangement is made with Afterpay and they will approve payments at time of order. For first time Afterpay customers the first payment will be made at the time of purchase, with payments over 6 weeks. Existing Afterpay customers first payment will be made in 14 days, with payments over 8 weeks. The full payment schedule will be provided to you at time of purchase.

If you wish to return your goods you can choose to receive an exchange, or the Afterpay payment plan can be cancelled so you pay nothing.

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