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Instantly give your eyes a revived and lifted look with our new revolutionary treatment to dramatically transform the appearance of eyes in as little as 15 minutes a week.


Your eyes are the window to your soul, are yours saying you’re tired, and run down? Are they making you look older then you feel?

There’s now a way to smooth and brighten the look of your eyes without any cosmetic intervention. Quick and easy to apply, Dragon’s Blood Collagen Eye Masks, are specifically designed to firm, hydrate and transform the look of your eyes instantly:

  • Look Younger Instantly!
  • Reduce Puffiness and Dark Circles for a more Youthful Look
  • Enriched with Anti-Ageing Powerhouses Collagen and Retinol for long term Anti-ageing Benefits
  • Instantly Reduces Signs of Fine Lines and Wrinkles with intensive Hydration for smoother skin
  • Quick and Easy to Apply (great as beauty treat or a quick pick me up in the morning!)

These Hydro-Gel Eye Patches are formulated to provide a silky, rich moisturising feel and for effective delivery of actives.


Powerful anti-ageing skincare extract nicknamed “Dragon’s Blood” (the red sap of a special rainforest tree known as ‘Sangre de Drago’), which contains unique rejuvenative compounds. It’s high in anti-antioxidants and, according to Chris Kilham, The Medicine Hunter, “It also contains a group of compounds called proanthocyanidins, which actually visibly boost collagen. Additionally, Dragon’s Blood contains taspine, a natural compound with known anti-ageing properties.” And with Dragon’s Blood, you also derive an even more elusive and sought-after effect – enhanced beauty.

Beauty experts believe it can “magically” turn the appearance of the skin’s biological clock back – five, ten years or more! When you see the amazing results, you may think so, too.

Enriched with Marine Hydrolysed Collagen (Phyto-Collagen) for an instant hydration boost and firmer skin. Hydrolysed collagen contains small peptides of low molecular weight to allow for optimal absorption in contrast to traditional collagen; increasing the levels of hyalronic acid in the skin. This anti-ageing dynamo works to reduce wrinkles and give you firmer looking skin.

Dull, lifeless skin appears younger and more vibrant. Skin looks firm, supple, and moist with the rosy glow of youth.

Aloe_VeraAloe Vera Extract is one of the most nutrient rich skincare ingredients with over 75 minerals, vitamins and amino acids, it’s been used for centuries in skincare for dry, sun burnt and cracked skin. It will leave your skin feeling  instantly soft and smooth.

Plus, the anti-ageing must have ingredient Retinol, rich in Vitamin A, it tackles fine lines, dark spots and skin tone, and moisturising Castor Seed Oil with natural anti-bacterial benefits.

Quick and easy to use. Simply apply a pair under each on eye from nose to cheek bone on cleansed dry skin. Remove after 15-20 mins and massage left over serum into your skin.

Great for:

  • Weekly pamper treatment to boost your anti-ageing results
  • Use daily to fight problem dark circles and uneven skin tone around your eyes
  • Use at night to help with eye relation before sleep
  • Instant Pick Me Up in the Morning to Wipe the Look of Tired Eyes
  • Inflight treatment while travelling, no longer land looking tired

Dragon’s Blood Collagen Eye Mask Pack (6 Sachets x Two Eye Masks)db-eye

AUD $49
NZD $69

  • For smooth, radiant, relaxed eyes
  • Enriched with Phyto-Collagen and Retinol
  • Moisturises and Softens Skin

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